Tyrese To Ex-Wife "I'm A Damn Good Dad"

When Tyrese Gibson's daughter Shayla turned 5, he threw her a massive 300-PERSON birthday party ... complete with countless expensive gifts, TMZ has learned.

Tyrese revealed the insane party details in new court docs, and he used them as ammunition against his ex-wife's bid to increase his child support payments.

Tyrese's ex Norma Gibson claims he's an absentee dad and she deserves more support because he consistently blows off daddy duties -- but he says the birthday bash proves otherwise.

In addition to the party -- at which Shayla received roughly 200 gifts -- Tyrese says he pays for Shayla's private school and her nanny, he regularly buys her new clothes, shoes, and around the holidays ... he spends "thousands" to play Santa.

Ultimately, a judge saw things Tyrese's way -- Norma's child support increase was denied last week.


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