The flow-crushing KonQuest camp hijacks the audio soundscape with "On My Own", alongside the Midwest Veteran Kutt Calhoun of Black Gold Ent (formerly with Strange Music)!!


 KonQuest Now has been making a name in the underground. Their continuous releases of diverse sound and style accompanied by very original flow patterns and word play, has been quickly setting them apart and above the underground scene. And as the old saying goes, "make your next move your best move," VerseBorn and Wreck the Rebel have teamed up with underground king and CEO of Black Gold Entertainment, Kutt Calhoun.


   The trio team up to deliver the soulful track "On My Own"....and it goes. It goes on repeat, it goes into your hip hop classics playlist, and it goes to show when your talented and properly promoting yourself...other independents see that. Each one of them touch the instrumental with a different pattern of flow, while describing in detail the trials and tribulations that come with being independent and having a vision and goal. They do as music does, and motivate the listener. Reminding us, if you hold your own while facing your own struggles,..while chasing your own day you will stand tall and know this point was reached "On My Own" and that is worth celebrating.

Check Out the New Single Today!!!

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