Soulja Boy Clarifies financial troubles, Rent Issue Reports

Last week, boxer-in-training Soulja Boy was accused by a landlord of being behind on rent for a Hollywood Hills home, according to a report from TMZ.

A rep for Soulja reached out to DX to clarify that the property in question is leased by a business partner of the rapper named Possible Philly and that Soulja “has nothing to do with the rental agreement and subsequently his name should not have been included in any accounts related to the property.”

The rep added that there’s no owed rent on the property and that Soulja wouldn’t have trouble covering it if there were.

“Soulja Boy is currently in high demand with several high-paying international booking requests presently on the table,” the rep explained.

[This article has been updated. The following was first published on January 13, 2017.]

Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy has been a magnet for bad news this week, and his luck has shown no signs of getting any better.

Soulja’s latest issue comes courtesy of his landlord. According to TMZ, the musician-turned-Chris Brown nemesis is already behind on rent and is now dodging his landlord, despite moving into his Hollywood Hills home just a few months ago.

He leased his home for $6,000 a month, and is currently $6,000 behind.

If Soulja doesn’t pay up in a matter of days, his landlord is prepared to take legal action against the rapper.

News of Soulja’s financial troubles comes the same week his Los Angeles home was burglarized, where a crook made off with $10,000 in cash and $12,000 in jewelry after busting down Soulja’s front door while the musician was out.

It might be time for the rapper to bump up his match against Breezy.

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