Singer Novi Tide Represents For The Men Who Get Hurt in Relationships With The New Single And Video Release Of "How Do You Feel"

    It's been a while sing an entertaining singer has came out for audiences to listen too....but the wait is over. Meet RNB crooner "Novi Tide," grinding hard and quickly making a name for himself independently.  His new single and video release "How Do You Feel," is a dope composition and awesome visual experience.

    Males have that masculine sense where they try to hide their feelings. But we all know humans, both male and female, can be hurt emotionally. Seldom do we hear the side from the mans perspective in a broken relationship. Nor, do we experience the joy a man done wrong feels when he hears of the woman he gave his all to, going through exactly what she took him through.

    With the single "How Do You Feel," Novi Tide tackles exactly that. He rocks well with fine tuned melodic vocals over the mild tempo instrumental.  He speaks on loving a woman, caring for and holding her up...only to find out she has been two timing him the whole time. But what goes around comes around, as that same man begins to treat her the same way now that she is with him.

    The T Mays directed video is shot with a stunning over city view back drop for Novi Tide and superbly crisp cinematic visuals of the story line. The video for "How Do You Feel" is just as impressive as the song itself. Worth the watch. The single is currently available on many streaming and digital download sites and services. Check Out the Video to Novi Tide's Single "How Do You Feel" Today

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