S.A.T. Releases New Video "Born". And This Is Not A Test....This Is A Take Over

    The duo of Nova and Malice, AKA  S.A.T., have released their new video "Born".  The song itself is an up tempo feel good song. A hard hitting baseline really adds to the energy on this Josh Petruccio production. They enlisted 730 Vision to direct this music video. And 730 turned it into a movie. Following these 2 and a few entertaining young ladies from their childish experimental stage into their exciting lifestyle of adult hood...where they have eyed, and are after the throne full speed ahead. If you have never heard of S.A.T. this is a perfect introduction. If you have heard of them it's another banger for your playlist. Check out S.A.T. in "Born" and keep up with their releases and moves via their social media.

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