Keyshia Cole Responds To Sexually Explict Photo!

Keyshia Cole has had a good week, career wise, after her new album debuted at #2 on Billboard’s Hip Hop/R&B chart, however, online she’s had to deal with pesky twitter followers, rumors and unnecessary hate.  Just days ago,  things came to a head on Twitter when an explicit photo of a woman who looked similar to Keyshia started circulating the Internet. In the photo, the woman was performing oral sex on an unidentified man.

Of course, Keyshia was disgusted about the photo and voiced her frustration via her twitter page. She tweeted last night:

So this is how people feel when being falsely accused of something Huh! I have family and friends. My husbands family. This is not right! People sending messages to me and my husband, And it’s not even true. What if a lot of men, where your from,  did this to your mom or sis. Just sad! I guess all I’ve shown people over the last 10 years that I’m liar and a slut Huh. I would never want my son to have to see this filth! Anything someone says about me people think is true! [and] will just run with it, highly disappointed people say anything without confirmation Boy I tell you! People are a complete mess! Lmao! WOOW! Just wow!

The night before she also sent out the message:

I try to live right/do right! I tired of the [hate] it’s sickening! I live my life and do right by those around me! I realize [everyone] not gon’ love [and] not everybody [hate]‘s me but sometimes it’s hard to differentiate the [two]! I got love for those who got love [for] me! And keepin’ it [moving].

To you all that have faith in my husband and I, I want to say thank you! People need to #StopWishingFailure on others! Not cool! I’ve shared extremely a lot of my life with the world, with people who love me and people who [hate], but [just] like fam, people never tell [you] how much they love [you]. Evil a– haters STAY on some [bull s--t]! Y’all wish! Lol!”

People that have No self respect, you worship! Folks that have a child, a husband, hustled from the bottom up, y’all try to tear down. Shame.

So unfortunate.

Meanwhile, her hubby tweeted:

When that karma come around for some ppl. I just wanna have my feet up w/ a cigar n my hand. Not even smokin. Just LLS

Keep your head up, Keyshia.


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