Hiphop/Grime Emcee Caszack Questions Whack Rappers in His New Video Release "Who Do You Think You Are"

     Emcee Caszack has dropped a hot video to his new track "Who Do You Think You Are", and he has more of an answer instead of questions. In the song Caszack goes in on the new of age hip hop where its ok to just lie about everything you do and have. Pointing out people are taking the whole "fake it til you make it" thing way too far.  He goes in over a slick twangy production pointing out how silly people look lieing about where they are from, who they are and what they have. Accompanied by a high quality visual, we go from a dope grafitti filled tunnel, to in the studio and theres even a "The Caszack Show" shot mimicking popular talk shows where he questions the rap poser. All in all the song, video and the artist Caszack are worth checking out and getting to know.

Check out the video for 'Who Do You Think You Are" today

CLICK HERE to check out Caszack's "Ways of the World" Album on Spotify

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