Da'wyz Presents Brand New Single,''Far Away''

Da'wyz was born on March 1985 in Port-au-Prince Haiti after high school in 2005 he came in the United States to pursue his dream in becoming a well-known musician promoting real music and self elevation. Growing up listening to various artists like Bob Marley, Nas, Tupac and many more, Da'wyz got Influenced by the message they preached through their lyrics. His country downturn in politics and poverty made him realize that through music he can express his pain the rage about the injustice all around the world and his country. Inspired by the beauty of his culture, his music stay authentic and true to his culture. Da'wyz has a very unique and distinctive style.

Instagram: @dawyzonemusic
Twiter:  @dawyzonemusic

Check Out ''Far Away'' by Da'wyz:

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