ChefChris Has the Perfect Recipe for Spirit Soothing with His New Album Release "Soul Therapy"

   Emcee ChefChris is whipping up the perfect meal for hungry hip hop heads with the release of his album "Soul Therapy." With a witty slick twist and metaphoric wordplay, ChefChris delivers food for the soul in this 10 track album currently available for streaming on

    Each track brings something different. From the sound in production to the style ChefChris cooked up to bake the instrumental, song after song its a plateful. Scarf it down and come back for seconds, thirds and fourths. With a bouncy rhythmic flow in melody, ChefChris switches up and shows his versatility is something beyond matched in today's music industry. 

    Crystal clear vocal recording is accompanied by original production from the likes of  1V Art, Sonic Justice, Harlow Beats,Ricky Vela and more.  It's obvious ChefChris spent time carefully picking the production behind this amazing album. As our first introduction to this up and coming artist....we are definitely waiting for an invite to the next meal.

Check Out ChefChris's Project "Soul Therapy" Today, and Follow Him Today @

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