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Lord Blvck Drops "Dreams From Below" Project!

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“I’ve always had a love and passion for singing ever since I was a little girl. Touching the lives of others though my music inspirers me to continue my journey for God’s glory until the end.” Angel Sessions

The road to success hasn’t…

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Look Out For Artist Twizy Smoove!

Twizy Smoove, born Ontiwaun E Carter Jr. December 2,1992 in Pacoima, Ca. A preacher’s kid raised in a Christian home so values and good character was instilled at an early age. Always the creative kid, he renamed himself “Twizy” in the 3rd grade and the name has stuck with him.

Twizy is making a name for himself in the industry and has opened for Lil Yachty, YG, Lil Uzi, Uno the Activist, Soulja Boy, and Rich the Kid to name a few. His melodic rap style has a trap…

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(New Exclusive Interview) Netherlands Artist C.I.C. Talk Music With Vintage Music Group

1. How long have you been doing music?

I made music since I was 13, but I took it more serious since I was 17 years old. Now I’m 22 and I can say I’m seeing a lot of changes in my career through the years.

2. breakdown your style and sound?

I make timeless music and I don’t really have a sound or style. I make pop, urban, R&B, trap, future…

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LILONE205 Drops "Air Force One" Project!

This mix tape is about what Ive been going through with in my life struggling with depression and all that a couple of songs anyways like the sky high track telling people too keep there head up i'm from Lomax Alabama.…

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Rome Marciel Drops " My Own" Ft. Joe Gator

<p>Single from the Midwest Mc with a incredible feature from Joe Gator off the forthcoming awaited album #SelfPreservation !!! Definitely" The Summer</p>


<p><img src="http://api.ning.com:80/files/7e4JplyjS7kIZ*InO3tbjnCj9bkp2LYkMK0g9d7r8HkVsouD0t9Bc05Z9DSnahv24Rbw5UMWyoGeqPZ1lloQ6fYJGEZS0KzP/IMG_20170208_180404.jpg?width=750" width="750" /></p>



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Jakk Wonders - Fifty Eight Impala

Download Link: https://jakkwonders.bandcamp.com/album/fifty-eight-impala

South African producer Jakk Wonders (who has tailored underground gems with the likes of REKS, Skyzoo, DJ Eclipse, M-Dot and more) drops his 2nd instrumental album "Fifty Eight Impala".

The brand new instrumental…

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M Ques - Big Dawg (Official Music Video) Directed By Karltin Bankz

He is doing his thing and buzzing all over! His songs are hot and the music videos are going viral with views adding over 500,000+ on YouTube! The boy is a beast, period!

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Who Is J'Maurice?

Kingston, NY born artist J'Maurice is taking over the airwaves with his new tracks. From starting in New York and moving to Dallas, Tx, J'Maurice acquired the southern flow and combined it with his feel good roots of New York music. With his latest hits like "Tomorrow" and "Dedication" which can be heard on Spotify, Youtube, and other networks. J'Maurice is soon to be a household name. Expect big things from this artist in 2017. You heard it first…

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Who Is UnkLe GrizzLI?

Raised by a single mother in Brooklyn to group homes ,jail, Trappin on Long island and a pit stop in ATLANTA, this NY native is a break from the normal. With a mixture of gritty raw NY delivery to the ATL inspired melodies witness the endless creativity of this fine young mind and prepare to say unkle!!…

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Badd Newz Drops "Im That Nig*a" Single!



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I am SoSik, an Artist based out of Seattle Washington. I believe in the illuminati and tend to believe that a higher power is helping me throughout my journey in this thing we call life. I am pursuing to be a hybrid artist, fusing the sounds of old rap styles such as Notorious B.I.G and Tupac with the "wavy" style of new artists like Future and Kanye. All of the messages that I convey in my music are related to gaining confidence and having no fear to strive for big goals. I believe that…

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Jaeo Draftpick Drops "Paid In full" Freestyle Visual!

The iconic record label Tommy Boy Entertainment's newest addition @JaeoDraftpick has just dropped a visual for his "Paid in Full" freestyle paying tribute to the God MC and fellow Long Island native RAKIM. #LongIsland is still the theme...#51631 everything.…

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Vessbroz latest music video is going viral!!!!

Vessbroz has released their new music video titled "DREAMS"

They wrote and made this song about their life!  check this awesome music video out below! 


Vessbroz are an up and coming EDM DJ, producer and…

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Get familiar with Chapo DaVinci !

Harlem raised "Chapo DaVinci" is a ARTIST and the music speaks for it's self, the statement may sound bold but to say the least the music runs in his blood being inspired by family and motivated by friends it's hard to categorize him as a ordinary rapper. Formally known as "Big $crilla", debuting in 2016 while maintaining a growing fan base and musical fraction Chapo DaVinci has a consistent release history and often states his music has no boundaries. Creating relatable music for various…

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Rome Marciel Drops " Down By Law" Single Featuring Andrew Reid

In the Fall of 88' right before the blizzards hit in Milwaukee, Usa it all started. After seeing artist perform such as Sade, Rakim, A tribe called Quest, Nwa, etc. From that day on started as what we know and to become as "Rome Marciel". Son of Tyronzia Russell and Willie G. Most would say a troubled youth going no where fast…

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Jersey city Rap artist MoneyChoc is shaking the city once again with his 2nd part of the Respect The real Sequal. A 10 track project with features from other jersey artists such as Lil Dev and DaeOne. Respect The Real 2 out now go check it out on Spinrilla! …

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Who is DMV'S Metro Cartel (Featured On Fox news and more!)

Meshing together ‘true identity’ and passion for music, five talented emcees out of the DMV, will prove to be a formula for success in the music industry.

The lyrical group The Metro Cartel consists of four members, who go by the names of: Ivin the Terrorable, B.I.G. Fella, Duck Lo, Sir Charlz, & M.I.L.

(Moments In Life). The only common denominator between the quin-rap group’s formation would be the H.B.C.U. they attended…

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