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VONNIE DONES BEASTMODE is an independent, internet-based booking agency and promotion company that specializes in booking concerts, marketing, and promotion for unsigned, local recording artists. BEASTMODE has its PPB in Houston, Texas. Vonnie Dones is the founder of BEASTMODE. BEASTMODE is owned and operated by S. Williams. BEASTMODE is supported by many Celebrities. BEASTMODE books local artists in venues and provides exposure for unsigned recording artists. The goal of BEASTMODE is to provide exposure for TALENTED artists. BEASTMODE takes pride in selecting artists to perform on its’ tours.




The purpose of BEASTMODE is to provide independent, local recording artists with an outlet to showcase their talent to a wider audience. Our music tour offers an opportunity for artist(s) to gain the exposure they need to be noticed in today’s music industry. At BEASTMODE we believe that the more exposure artists receive, the more successful they will be. BEASTMODE aims to provide concert goers with great music, thereby allowing talented, underexposed artists to prove they have what it takes to be one of the best artists and performers in the world. BEASTMODE takes pride in carefully selecting artists to perform on our tour. We are committed to finding the best talent and providing concert goers and music listeners with high quality and professional music.


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